Start and Open a Business in the USA and North America

If your business is located in Western Europe or the UK and you would like to open a business in the USA-North America, congratulations: you’ve come to the right website. United States Business Consulting specializes in helping foreign business owners start a business in the United States. We can provide a turnkey solution for all the parts of the rollout plan, something no one else can offer.

  • Corporate/LLC Formation or Legal Registration Consulting
    • Most businesses hire a separate law firm to handle this part of the plan for them. Fortunately, our parent company works in the venture capital industry and has expertise in launching and forming start-up businesses and restructuring troubled companies. We can give you various legal registration and structuring options for your business and even help you coordinate getting it launched. New business formation is fast and easy and can usually be accomplished in less than 7 days.

      Note: not all types of business need to form a LLC or corporation to start doing business in the USA. Once we know what type of business you are operating, we can tell you whether forming an LLC will be necessary in your case.

  • Selecting Retail Stores, Distributions Hubs, Import/Export Brokers, or Office Space
    • Whether your business sells B2B (business to business) or B2C (business to consumer), through your own retail stores or someone else’s retail stores, or directly over the Internet, we can help you put together your rollout plan for the United States. We can help you hire key managers, secure leases on office/retail/warehouse space, or arrange a deal with an import-export broker (e.g. if you direct ship products via Internet sales and don’t want to set up your own warehouse).
  • Marketing, Advertising, and Sales
    • One of the first things that most foreign business owners think of doing when entering into the United States is contacting an advertising agency. While building a US marketing plan is important, an advertising agency can’t help you with legal, distribution, or sales-related matters. United States Business Consulting can. If you’re selling on a B2B basis and need to set up a local team to start contacting businesses to buy your product wholesale, we can help you with that. We can also help you get a website set up on a local US server with a local domain name, custom-built for your target consumers. We can also help with TV advertising, radio advertising, billboards, PPC (pay-per-click Internet advertising), direct mail, or any other kind of advertising you’d like to employ in your US marketing efforts.

On top of providing a one-stop shop for all these business consulting options and more – things you couldn’t get hiring an ad agency, law firm, and broker separately – we provide another advantage: we’re available to you in your own country. You’re always welcome to come to the United States for an in-person consultation, but we have several offices in Western Europe where we would be happy to meet you and your team in person. Click here (Start a new Business in USA-America) for a full list of our Western European offices.

Thank you for visiting our website. We look forward to hearing from you!