Consulting Options-Advertising in USA – Western Europe

Business in the USA can be a challenge for foreign businesses that have no experience with overseas marketing. Mistaken cultural assumptions, mismatched target markets, and language barriers can all cause a promising campaign to misfire, costing you your investment and hurting your reputation. However, the marketing consultancy options provided by United States Business Consultants can help small and medium businesses in the United Kingdom and elsewhere in Western Europe break into the US market quickly and reliably, without risk of the usual hiccups that can ruin a US marketing campaign. If you would like to see a list of some of the advertising services that we offer, click here.

Below are some of the advertising consulting options we offer to businesses in the United Kingdom and Western Europe:

  • Analyzing your brand according to US culture as well as the geographic markets you intend to target.
    • Foreign brand names may need to be adjusted to fit the tastes of you target market.
  • Writing a simple three-point marketing program made specifically for your particular market segment.
  • Finding, vetting, recommending, and negotiating with advertising providers for the media channels you intend to advertise with.
  • Assisting you with finding the right advertising agency to handle your marketing program.
  • Establishing your own US advertising agency in-house.
    • Many overseas businesses prefer having their own US advertising agencies so that they get more control and are able to avoid paying agency fees. Below is a list of some of the advertising segments we work with:
      • SEO (organic Internet marketing)
      • Media buying (placing TV or radio airtime)
      • PPC (pay-per-click Internet advertising)
      • Billboard advertising design and placement
      • Wholesale direct mail buying
      • Remnant direct mail and remnant media buying
      • Referral and loyalty card programs
      • Creative production (TV and radio commercials)

United States Business Consultants understands that there’s no such thing as a silver bullet in the world of advertising and marketing: what can easily work for someone else’s business won’t necessarily work for yours. TV, radio, direct mail, Internet advertising, billboards, email – all of these are alike in the sense that they work well for some businesses in some situations but badly for other businesses in other situations. This is why we put in the effort to give you the perfect plan for your business, tailor-made to your specific needs. From there, you can try to execute that plan all by yourself, or we can help you each step of the way – your business, your choice!

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