Marketing Leads to Sales and Sales Leads to Revenue

Is your business’s revenue in a slump and you can’t figure out why? Maybe what your business needs is our marketing consulting services.

It’s simple math:

Marketing -> Sales -> Revenue

Having trouble following that? It’s the most basic truth about business: marketing leads to sales, and sales lead to revenue. Without sales, you have no revenue; without marketing, you have no sales. No matter how fancy your storefront or website is, if your potential customers don’t even know you exist, they’ll never become paying customers.

We’ve met business owners who’ve told us things like “all of our business comes through word-of-mouth, and we’re doing just fine!” It blows their minds when we tell them that’s still a form of marketing: in industry parlance, it’s “referral-based marketing,” and it’s the oldest and most powerful form of marketing available – nothing beats a heartfelt testimonial from a satisfied customer. But one thing you’ll learn about marketing is that there’s no such thing as a silver bullet: no matter how effective a marketing channel might be at first, every marketing channel has its saturation point, and when it reaches that, you can say goodbye to your revenue growth.

So how do you keep your business growing? The answer is simple: use multiple marketing channels. There’s an old figure of speech: “don’t put all your eggs in one basket.” It applies just as well to marketing as anything else: if you invest entirely in a single marketing channel, you’ll run into trouble if that channel ever hits its saturation point. By investing in multiple channels, you can reach out to a much bigger market and ensure your continued growth even if one of your marketing channels hits its saturation point.

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