Adjust Your Brand When Marketing to the US!

So your business has made it big in your home country. Your products or services are widely recognized as among the best – if not ­the best – on the market, and your brand has become a household name. The next obvious step to take is expanding your business overseas, but marketing to the US […]

Potential Pitfalls of Establishing a Supply Chain for your New Business in the USA in 2015

If you’re thinking of starting a new business in the USA in 2015, it might surprise you how much work such an undertaking will involve. For up-and-coming entrepreneurs, starting a new business in the USA in 2015 might seem like a quick and easy way to jumpstart your brand on the global stage, but if […]

How to Start a Business in the USA as a Foreigner

Got a product or service you’d like to sell in the US? Don’t actually live in the US? No problem! As it turns out, the requirements to start a business in the USA as a foreigner are the exact same ones for starting a business as a US citizen – no extra hoops to jump […]

Advantages of Establishing a Foreign Corporation (LLC) for your New Business in the USA

If you’re a foreign entrepreneur and you’re interested in starting a new business in the USA, you might be surprised how few barriers there are to entering the US market: you don’t need citizenship or even residency to start a business in the United States. However, there’s still an important catch to consider: is it […]

Can a Foreign Entrepreneur Start a Small Business in the USA?

If you’re an entrepreneur from outside the country and you’re interested in breaking into the US market, you’re in luck: starting a small business in the USA is easy. You’d think there would be a lot of red tape to cut through – things a US citizen starting a business wouldn’t have to deal with […]

How to Set Up an Online Business in the USA as a Non-US Resident

Foreign business owners interested in expanding their operations to the United States often prefer to set up an online presence rather than any kind of physical storefront: minimal overhead and instant entry into the US market are just two of the factors that make this an incredibly attractive option. However, while the Internet has made […]

How to Start a New Business in USA-America for West European and UK Businesses

For businesses located in Western Europe or the UK who are interested in opening a business in the USA-North America, our marketing and business consulting services have just what you need. United States Business Consulting – UK and Western Europe specializes in helping foreign business owners start a business in the United States. Click here […]

Advertising in America – Keys to Success

So you have a product or service that’s a hit in your home country and you’ve decided to take a shot at duplicating your success overseas. Good for you! If you can make it big in the US, you can make it big anywhere. But one thing you’ll discover – whether you’re marketing to the […]

Western Europe & United Kingdom-UK Businesses Have New Marketing to USA Options

Businesses in the United Kingdom-UK, Ireland, Germany, France, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Croatia, Switzerland, Greece, Albania, Netherlands, Slovenia and Norway will be able to start a business in the USA, or begin marketing in America much cheaper and easier.  As United States Business Consulting has expanded its services areas out to all Euro-Zone countries, […]

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