Can British or EU Citizen Start a Business in USA-United States?

Question:  Can a British or EU citizen start a business in the USA-United States? Answer: Absolutely!  It is easy and can be completed in less than 10 days. United States Business Consulting will help you form an LLC in the United States for free (small government fees apply).  Yes, you saw it correct; our labor […]

Institut zur Marktforschung – Markforschung-Firma

Planen Sie die Marketing Strategie Ihrer Organisation zu verbessern oder zu erweitern? Suchen Sie Marketing-Experten oder eine Marktforschungsfirma, die Ihnen dabei hilft? Unsere Marketing-Turnaround-Programme und Umsatz-Turnaround-Programme sollten Ihre Ansprüche erfüllen. Es gibt viele Faktoren, die einen Marketing-Plan erfolgreich machen: Marktforschung, Marktumfragen, Konsumenten-/Unternehmbensbefragung, wettbewerbsorientierte Informationsberichte…alle sind wichtig, alle sind entscheidend. Der erste und wichtigste Schritt ist, […]

Amélioration du Marketing

Qu’est-ce qu’un programme d’amélioration du marketing? C’est une recette qui consiste à prendre votre plan marketing actuel et à l’améliorer, de façon à générer plus de leads et donc plus de profit. Peu importe que votre concept soit brillant ou non: une entreprise a besoin d’un plan marketing et de leads pour se développer. Il […]

Marketing Turnaround Programme

Also, was ist ein Marketing-Turnaround-Programm? Ein Marketing-Turnaround-Programm ist ein Konzept dafür, den aktuellen Marketing-Plan Ihres Unternehmens so zu verbessern, dass Sie mehr Kontakte und dadurch mehr Profit generieren. Es ist egal, wie brillant Ihr Firmenkonzept ist: ein Unternehmen braucht Marketing und Kontakte, um zu gedeihen. Die einfache Rechnung ist wie folgt: Marketing = Kontakte = […]

Adjust Your Brand When Marketing to the US!

So your business has made it big in your home country. Your products or services are widely recognized as among the best – if not ­the best – on the market, and your brand has become a household name. The next obvious step to take is expanding your business overseas, but marketing to the US […]

Potential Pitfalls of Establishing a Supply Chain for your New Business in the USA in 2015

If you’re thinking of starting a new business in the USA in 2015, it might surprise you how much work such an undertaking will involve. For up-and-coming entrepreneurs, starting a new business in the USA in 2015 might seem like a quick and easy way to jumpstart your brand on the global stage, but if […]

Marketing a Business in America from the UK

Establishing a business presence in the US is a great way to enhance your revenue and turn your brand into a globally-recognized name. If you’re an entrepreneur who has plans of marketing a business in America from the UK, however, you need to take steps to make sure your efforts don’t go to waste. Launching […]

How to Start a Business in the USA as a Foreigner

Got a product or service you’d like to sell in the US? Don’t actually live in the US? No problem! As it turns out, the requirements to start a business in the USA as a foreigner are the exact same ones for starting a business as a US citizen – no extra hoops to jump […]

Marketing Leads to Sales and Sales Leads to Revenue

Is your business’s revenue in a slump and you can’t figure out why? Maybe what your business needs is our marketing consulting services. It’s simple math: Marketing -> Sales -> Revenue Having trouble following that? It’s the most basic truth about business: marketing leads to sales, and sales lead to revenue. Without sales, you have […]

Secrets of Marketing in the USA – Establishing a Sales Team

It’s now easier than ever for foreign businesses to start marketing in the USA, but “easy” doesn’t necessarily translate into “guaranteed overnight success.” There are many factors which can turn tried-and-tested wisdom gleaned from years of experience in your local market into dangerous assumptions: your business isn’t just crossing borders, but also a language and […]