Traditional Radio-TV Advertising Agency in the United States-USA

United States Business Consulting is a consulting firm. As such, we don’t sell advertising, but that doesn’t mean we can’t help you!

If you are currently in business in the United Kingdom, Western Europe, or Northern Europe, you would like to start purchasing traditional advertising media in the United States, and you want to work with a reputable advertising agency in the USA, then please consider the trusted referral below.

Wholesale Airtime Auction is a traditional national United States advertising agency. The word “traditional” means they focus on radio advertising, TV advertising, print, outdoor billboards, shared mail, door-hangers, copywriting, commercial production, and so forth.

They have small and mid-size clients in all types of industries and segments: law firms, home remodeling, restaurants, food and beverage, accounting, e-commerce, direct response products, and more.

While they are a national company, they also have local office locations in New York City, New York; Cleveland, Ohio; San Francisco, CA; Irving, Texas; Hollywood, Florida; and Dover, Delaware.

We are actively speaking with more advertising agencies in the USA in an effort to find more trusted referrals for businesses in Western Europe and Northern Europe. However, we believe you will be satisfied with Wholesale Airtime Auction due to their many local offices and their track record of success across the entire United States. Please visit their website to review their services and portfolio:

You can also contact them via Skype: waa-salescc1

If you contact them, please be sure to say “I was referred by United States Business Consulting’s UK & Western Europe website.”

If you decide you need to design an advertising plan or USA business entry plan before hiring an advertising agency, please let us know. We are ready to help you!