Consultants vs. Marketing Sales, Advertising Agencies & Business Brokers

Nobody would start construction on a new home without first getting a set of blueprints designed by an architect, and if you are going to start a new business in the United States or begin marketing or advertising your products here, then you need your own set of blueprints. This is what our company specializes in. We get paid an hourly rate (similar to an attorney or accountant) to design entry plans for people that want to start doing business in the United States. If you would like to see a list of all the services we can consult for, please click this link:

Now, some people that contact us already have their entire business entry plan or marketing plan designed, and they know exactly what types of advertising products or legal and business services they need to purchase. So, instead of saying “we can’t help you,” we’ve created a referral network to quickly get you the exact type of service you need.

Listed below are hyperlinks to referral pages for United States companies we have done business with over the last ten years. They are trusted and in good standing. If you contact them, please tell them that you learned about their company on the American Marketing & Business Consulting UK-Western Europe website.

  • Traditional United States Advertising Agency – TV-radio commercials and airtime, outdoor, print

  • Online-Digital Web Marketing Agency in USA – PPC, adwords, email, social media, press releases, online ads

  • Business Brokers in the United States – Needed for buying an existing business in the USA (referrals are coming soon)

  • Import-Export Companies in the USA – Required to import foreign goods, foods, and products into the USA while also managing duties, tariffs, and government clearance for your bulk shipments (referrals are coming soon)